When I first decided to run for office, I knew I was going to have to answer tough questions. Am I qualified? Why should voters place their trust in me over their opponents? What is my vision for Aurora?

It turns out, these were the easy questions. The harder questions are the ones that question my ability to get the job done:

  • How do you plan to raise your children while in office? (I don’t have children)
  • Are you going to quit your job? Doing both will be hard. (No, I cannot afford to lose my income)

But the worst questions are the blatant attempts to use my gender as a way to undermine my credibility:

  • On my race: It’s cute that you’re running
  • On my candidacy: Nice smile
  • On being the only woman in the race: It’s because you’re special
  • On my marriage: Is your husband okay with you running?

My responses are as follows:

  • I am running because I am passionate and qualified and know how to get results
  • I am running because I have a vision for Aurora that shifts the focus back to the community and focuses on equality, inclusion, and quality of life
  • I am running to show young women that being inquisitive, outspoken, and confident is something to celebrate, not hide

We are just a few short days away from our next filing deadline and I need your help to make a strong showing.

If you believe in equality, inclusion, and giving young girls and women strong role models, please donate and share today.

If you believe in inclusive policies that do not discriminate and give various communities a seat at the table, please donate and share today.

If you believe in the need for affordable housing, protecting our immigrant communities, and livable wagesplease donate and share today.

We cannot allow the status quo to continue. We have to rise up and fight for what is right, and I cannot do it with you you. 

Whether you donate $5, $25, $100, $500, or $1000, your voice matters. Please donate today.

But don’t just donate for me, donate for the young girls in your life – your sisters, daughters, nieces, and Godchildren – who need strong leaders to stand up and fight for them.

Be their leader. Be their voice. Make a difference today.

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