Public Safety


Public Safety

What do emergency response times, clean water, and public transportation have in common? 

Safety. Feeling safe means many things to many people. For some, it means providing food and shelter for their children. For others, it means clean water and neighborhoods free of crime. But no matter who you are, there are certain actions that a community can take to foster a sense of personal safety for each and every one of us.

From community policing to affordable housing and transit, Allison believes that we must meet Aurorans where they are and do what’s necessary to address the very real concerns residents face on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Ensuring emergency personnel arrives promptly
  • Providing support to victims regardless of their immigration status
  • Supporting neighborhood watch groups
  • Providing adequate funding to emergency personnel

As more and more individual communities feel that their needs are being met, a sense of safety, both real and perceived, can foster a sense of well-being and create safer, more vibrant communities.