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GUNS ‘n HOSES: Aurora cops, firefighters and lawmakers hit the fast lane for Comitis fundraiser

“A host of teams raised money for Aurora’s Comitis Crisis Center during a recent grocery cart race at an Aurora Safeway store on Havana Boulevard. Teams dressed up and sped around the store to complete a shopping list of items to provide to homeless people and families. The main drive of the event, however, was to raise cash for the iconic Aurora homeless agency.”

BACKLIT: Councilwoman Allison Hiltz

“At-large city councilwoman Allison Hiltz could be considered a bibliophile. And her website, The Book Wheel, would hold that to be true. While recovering from open-hip surgery in 2012, Hiltz began reviewing books and blogging about them. After having reviewed nearly 400 books, to date, The Book Wheel has made a name for itself. Her reviews have been excerpted in NY Times Book Review advertisements, as well as Goodreads.”

CITY DESK: Aurora City Council approves $800k for fire department gear

“Councilwoman Allison Hiltz, who initiated the budget amendment, said the initial approval sends a strong message that the city supports cancer prevention efforts for firefighters. In some  departments across the country — such as Miami and Seattle — the cancer rate among firefighters can exceed 30 percent.”

Aurora ponders a long-smoldering tax hike to fund police and fire services

“If they knew that our firefighters had no lockers to put away their carcinogenic gear and were breathing that in and taking that home to their kids because we didn’t build it, that would be something people care about. I think if they saw that we have a 13-minute response time to a school in light of all of the school shootings, people would care. If people knew that we didn’t have necessarily enough stations for how much we’re growing, that would be something they would care about. With public education, this is a very different climate and mood.”

Podcast Interview with Michael Karlik at City Council Chronicles

“I think it’s always correct to come and talk about the community at council meetings. That’s what city councils should be. That’s our job to know what’s happening in the community and to help.”

Progressive councilwomen to be honored at Democrats’ Obama Dinner

“Crystal Murillo, Allison Hiltz and Nicole Johnston will receive the Rising Star award at the newly-named Obama Dinner on Feb. 3. Each of the three women graduated from Emerge Colorado, a program that teaches progressive women how to run a political campaign.”

The 100 Progressives Elected to Public Offices This November

Exactly one year after a punishing General Election loss, the Democratic Party is still picking up the pieces of its shattered self-image. And while DNC leaders fend off story-hungry pundits about election protocols, emails, and Russia, the American people seem to have a very different vision for their political future. Fueled by a post-2016 vigor, Progressive candidates have started to take over public office seats where they really matter: in local government..”

PFAW’s Next Up Victory Fund Endorses State and Local Candidates in California, Colorado

“At a time when we face so many challenges, it’s more important than ever that we think about the future. That means supporting younger candidates who have shown that they have the vision and energy not just to start making a positive change in their communities right now, but to build careers of public service that will allow them to help us build a strong, safe, fair country in the years and decades to come. The Next Up Victory Fund is proud to support these candidates who have already demonstrated that they’re the kinds of leaders that will help us tackle our biggest problems head on.”

Aurora city council candidates continue collecting, spending cash as election nears

Ballots were sent out in Arapahoe and Adams county last week. Ballots can be returned through the mail with .49 cent postage or a Forever Stamp. A list of drop-off locations for both counties can be found on at and”

COLORADO: Local Elections Roundup! Do You Know Your Progressive Candidates?

“Allison Hiltz is THE progressive in this race, the only one to stand up and affirm that she would vote to make Aurora a sanctuary city (the council has previously declared it is NOT).”

Left-leaning hopefuls win a nod from their local paper in Aurora council race

“Allison Hiltz, Nicole Johnston and Crystal Murillo caught the attention of many this year including the Sentinel’s, which wrote a piece highlighting the oddity in A-town politics. The council is typically a mainstay for conservatives, despite races being nonpartisan. But Emerge Colorado delivered three alumnas to the election this year.”

2017 CITY COUNCIL: Crowded slate for two Aurora at-large city council seats

“Hiltz, the only woman in the at-large race, describes herself as a bit of a policy wonk. She likes decisions to be backed with hard facts and trusted data. She works for the National Conference of State Legislatures, a bipartisan non-governmental organization that serves state legislatures. There, it’s only the data that matters. But Hiltz wants to apply the idea of fact-based decision making to the city.”

ENDORSEMENTS: 2017 Aurora City Council, APS elections promise change — our picks to ensure it

“Hiltz brings an in-your-face insistence that the city and the council work for Aurora residents, and everything it does must reflect that. She brings a serious sense of fairness and pragmatism to the council. Above all, she brings a curiosity and creativity that can help move the city out of a growing list of political quagmires.”

Why Are National Anti-Fracking Groups Targeting A Local City Council Race In Colorado?

“We need people on City Council who understand the impacts the oil and gas industry can have on our groundwater and communities and who listens to the communities that will be impacted.”

Progressive Aurora? Political group pushing Democrats for city council

Though the seats on the City Council are non-partisan, Aurora City Council is known for its conservative leanings. A Westword report in 2015 detailed Aurora as among the 10 most conservative cities in the country.

Colorado People’s Action endorses four ‘progressive’ council candidates

Endorsements for Aurora City Council are starting to roll in, even as candidates are still jumping into races for the five seats up for grabs. Colorado People’s Action, a progressive organization focused on immigration and racial justice, recently endorsed four candidates of the current 26 seeking office.

Traditionally GOP Aurora City Council targeted by slate of groomed Democratic candidates

A trio of women running for three different city council posts this November were each molded by Emerge Colorado, an organization that guides women — who are also registered Democrats — through a six-month-long crash course in how to run a political campaign.

Aurora city council heating up early with new, familiar contenders for five seats

Five city council seats are up for election this fall, two of which will inevitably be filled by newcomers as the incumbents are barred from running again due to term limits.