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“At a time when we face so many challenges, it’s more important than ever that we think about the future. That means supporting younger candidates who have shown that they have the vision and energy not just to start making a positive change in their communities right now, but to build careers of public service that will allow them to help us build a strong, safe, fair country in the years and decades to come. The Next Up Victory Fund is proud to support these candidates who have already demonstrated that they’re the kinds of leaders that will help us tackle our biggest problems head on.” – Lizet Ocampo, People For the American Way political director

People for the American Way

Hiltz brings an in-your-face insistence that the city and the council work for Aurora residents, and everything it does must reflect that. She brings a serious sense of fairness and pragmatism to the council. Above all, she brings a curiosity and creativity that can help move the city out of a growing list of political quagmires. Read more.

The Aurora Sentinel

Aurora City Council needs a jolt of new energy and new ideas. This is why I am supporting Allison Hiltz for Aurora city councilmember at-large.

Without a doubt, Allison Hiltz is one of the strongest candidates for any office that I’ve met in my years of being active in the city. Allison has the skills to be an outstanding member of city council. As an at-large city councilmember, which means she would represent the entire city, Allison recognizes too many citizens feel detached from our city government and she is committed to being visible and active in all neighborhoods of the city.

Allison has a solid grasp of city issues, and she also has the sensitivity to listen to people, help them to be truly part of the city, the leadership to address their concerns and the vision to move the city forward.

With open seats in three wards and two at-large positions, the November 2017 election gives citizens a unique opportunity to bring new blood to the council. In this pivotal election, I urge citizens to vote for Allison Hiltz for city councilmember at-large.

Peggy Kerns, Former Aurora City Councilmember and State Representative

In these very unsettled times, we need principled leadership at the local level. Allison not only has spoken clearly about her positions on issues, she has also shown her passion for her home city, Aurora. She will provide the kind of strong, fresh leadership that puts the people of Aurora first.

Hon. Gail Schoettler, Former Lt. Governor

The group only endorsed one at-large candidate, Allison Hiltz, even though there are two at-large seats up for election. “Based on the research we did, we didn’t feel there was somebody else (who aligned with our values) in that at-large race,” Chicon said. (Source: Aurora Sentinel)

Colorado People’s Action