Meet Allison

Finding Home

I was born in South Weymouth, MA, the oldest of four girls. My father was in the Army and my mother worked part-time while raising us, particularly during my dad’s multiple tours in the Middle East following 9/11. While growing up in Gainesville, FL and attending public schools, I developed an appreciation for serving others. A passionate reader and advocate, I could almost always be found with either a book in my hand or extending that hand to others. This early commitment to knowledge and to others is what drove me to pursue a career in policy. It is in policies that decisions that affect us all are made, and I knew early on that I could be a force for good. So, in 2012, my husband, Jack, and I packed our bags and headed west with our two rescue dogs, Oliver and Penny, so that I could earn a Master’s of Public Policy from DU.

Today, I go to work everyday and provide research and data to lawmakers on all points of the political spectrum so they can work towards impacting the lives of the communities they represent. My expertise, which is in the application of evidence-based policymaking and how states harness and use big data to inform policy decisions, is something we can do right here, right now.

But more importantly, I wake up every day to work for you.

In my lifetime, I have moved a lot, but never have I found home like I have in Aurora. In our community, we have a nearly infinite number of recreational activities, including our parks, trails, and proximity to the mountains. We also have a vibrant community that brings together young and old, new and existing residents, immigrants and refugees, and veterans and active duty populations. This incredible diversity of people is why my husband and I chose to settle down and buy a home in Aurora, where we are able to grow and prosper in a thriving, diverse, and inclusive community. While I have lived in a lot of places and experienced many types of communities, it is in Aurora that I finally found home.

Aurora is a vibrant and growing community, and I am eager to work towards ushering in responsible growth that puts the community’s needs first. There are many things Aurora is doing right, such as welcoming immigrants and refugees and improving transportation options, however there is room for improvement. I am working to ensure we grow responsibly. This means maintaining affordable housing for both those who live here and new residents, strengthening protections for our immigrant and refugee populations, providing funding and resources for improving public safety and infrastructure, and supporting our troops and veterans. These are big issues, but together we can build a better Aurora for all.

Now, I need to hear from you. What word comes to mind when you think of Aurora? What would you like to see improved? What do you think is going well? I have a lot of ideas, but it isn’t about me – it’s about you. I work to represent the interests of all Aurorans, and I need your help to make it happen.